StoryDid John Obi Mikel Just Slam Cristiano Ronaldo?

John Obi Mikel, the former Chelsea midfielder has slammed Cristiano Ronaldo over his ego and has warned Chelsea about making an offer. Ronaldo’s contract had been terminated by Manchester United with immediate effect on Tuesday. So, the 37-year-old player is now free to join any club they like after World Cup 2022.

Manchester United has been furious with the recent criticism of Ronaldo by boss Erik ten Hag and the owners of the club during his interview with Piers Morgan that aired in two parts. Cristiano Ronaldo, the legendary player, stated that he had no respect for Ten Hag.


He also accused the Glazer family of being unsuccessful at improving the facilities of Manchester United since 2013 when Alex Ferguson retired. He also blasted his former teammates at Old Trafford.

Obi Mikel said that he had never been a fan of Ronaldo. He said that he doesn’t get it when a player has too much ego. According to him, Ronaldo has never been his favorite and that is the reason he always goes for Lionel Messi. According to him, if someone is coming out and giving such an interview, where is the guarantee that he signs up for the club in January, he isn’t going to do the same.

He feels every club is going to be aware of that. However, he is Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the top players ever to have played the game. Mikel thinks Ronaldo might get another club in January and keep up with his football career. But for John Obi Mikel, it is a horrible scenario; he has done a lot for the club, and to see it come to an end like this. For Ronaldo’s part, he said that the interview shouldn’t have been done at all.