StoryPaul Parker claims Paul Pogba Signing is not Better than John obi Mikel

Former Manchester United midfielder Paul Parker has incredibly claimed that his former club’s new signing Paul Pogba is not better than Chelsea midfielder John obi Mikel.

The Nigerian may play as a defensive midfielder with Chelsea, but he is an attacker for Nigeria. Yet, the very low number of goals that he has scored for Chelsea have earned him as a reputation as a mediocre player. Pogba, though, has been developed as a world-class player already and this meant that United had to part ways with a world record transfer fee of £89 million in order to secure his signature.

Some have been of the opinion that Pogba’s huge price is not justifiable since the midfielder has not been world class in terms of statistics. Players who have cost more than £ 70 million include the likes of Luis Suarez, Gonzalo Higuain, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Gareth Bale. These players are renowned as goalscorers with the ability to get at least 30 goals per season in the league. Pogba, on the other hand, has managed only 10 in his previous campaign with Juventus. Pogba’s biggest advantage is that he is only 23 years of age and Mourinho reckons that he can transform the player into one of the best in the world.

“Can he be as good as Roy Keane or Bryan Robson? I wonder about him playing that midfield role.I worry about him making tackles and getting across to close players down because he is rangy.He doesn’t have quick feet and his game is about going to ground. That's going to be a problem. In a holding position it would be a waste because he’s not a (Claude) Makelele or even a John Obi Mikel because one thing Mikel can do is close people down,” said the former United midfielder.