StoryOne of The Most Overrated Players

John Mikel, the soccer star from Nigeria, has been tagged as one of the most overrated sportsmen of the world, especially amidst the players of Premier League.

The rating was published by FTB pro taking a host of factors into account such as unwarranted praise, vast wealth and undeserved accolades some players have somehow managed to pull in for diddly-squat.

It has been found that Mikel is going on racking up trophies and appearances in Chelsea while contributing almost nothing for his team on field.

Next to the Nigerian, the one who comes up in the list is Theo Walcott. Yes, there’s no denying of the fact that the footballer is really speedy but Walcott’s mere pace is never enough to skirt his defects as a soccer player. He badly lacks the right vision, technique & attitude aspects- the most significant attributes one needs to maintain to be an ideal soccer player.

Moreover, his constant demand for wage hike in Arsenal has put forward another reason to dislike him.
Then of course, there’s Marouane Fellaini. Moyes wished for best of midfielders of the world- sadly he could not get even the best of midfielders in Everton. Fellaini’s 27.5 million pound transfer to ManU was such a waste for the team.

Deployed as support striker in the team to make the most of his aerial capacities, Marouane was to some extent effective, though not really impressive to the eyes while at Everton. Moving to champions & shifting to a holding position in the midfield, the look alike of Belgian Bob has come up as more of lost. He is immobile, weak on ball & cost more in comparison to what Man U paid the very talismanic Tour. Thankfully the soccer world is gradually getting conscious of Fellaini’s incompetency.