StoryJohn Obi Mikel feels that things are better with GuusHiddink

Chelsea have slowly been collecting points and snatching spots in the higher section of the Premier League and this has been happening ever since Jose Mourinho was removed from his managerial position in the English club and replaced by GuusHiddink.

The Dutch coach seems to have given Chelsea stability and John Obi Mikel recently spoken up about what Hiddink has done that has made such a positive and quick impact in Stamford Bridge, according to the Nigerian midfielder, Hiddink simply knows how to communicate with his players better than Jose Mourinho.

According to the Nigerian player, one of the things that GuusHiddink does better than Jose Mourinho is in the way that the Dutch coach talks with his team. Mourinho is known to be a very outspoken manager who makes his voice be heard meanwhile Hiddink is a more relaxed coach who only talks when it’s actually necessary.

"It's the way Hiddink communicates with the players and maybe that's what the players felt they didn't get from the previous manager, Mourinho
"Sometimes players not just because they're not playing you need to communicate with them. You need to speak to them and don't just ignore them because players like to be communicated to. This is what Hiddink has brought into the football club. In some ways you barely know he is in there, he is that calm and relaxed."

John Obi Mikel believes that the way in which GuusHiddinkconnects with the rest of his team has helped Chelsea in improving. There are times when Hiddink is calm and so relaxed that the players don’t even notice him while there are other moments when the Dutch coach is heard. He’s calm when he needs to be and outspoken when it’s needed.

The arrival of GuusHiddink has also given John Obi Mikel a spark of life back to his career as the Nigerian player is now getting more time on the pitch. Obi Mikel had to settle with a place on the sidelines for the majority of the season with Jose Mourinho but now he has the chance to prove his worth in the big stage which is what he needed after having spent such a long time as a bystander.