StoryJohn Obi Mikel Criticized the way Nigeria Teams were Respected

The dad of John Obi Mikel says the soccer squad which put Nigeria on the medals’ table in recent Olympics was not treated respectfully enough.

None of the athletes from Nigeria won anything in other sports and if the soccer squad had not finished no. 3 either, Nigeria would have been among one of those hundred plus nations which had to remain without a medal

Mikel’s dad who is named Pa Obi believes that soccer was not one of the sports his country was believed to be going to land a medal in because the team was simply not well prepared for that. But, it’s extraordinary that the single medal in the tally of Nigeria came through soccer only.

Pa Obi thought his son, who also skippered the team, would come to the country and would be given the due honour along with his team mates by the association through a grand reception, but, when he saw a report that any special plan for the reception had not been made, he was gutted.

According to Pa Obi, this is a special achievement considering the difficulties the team came across before reaching Brazil. The day they eventually reached was actually the same day they had to start their competition playing Japan. Still, they were able to keep the country’s flag high and for that, reception was a must. Apart from that, the president should also have met the players to congratulate them.

In the words of Pa Obi, “I was looking forward to seeing John as I was sure he would be back home and would be honoured. It’s only fitting that you honour your medal winners, isn’t it? But, nothing happened.”

“If such an achievement can’t earn you even a reception, it’s an absolute shame to be frank.”